Criminal Offenses

If you have been arrested and charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime, this may have serious consequences on your career, family, and future. Even if you have not been arrested but are being investigated by the police or child protective services (CPS), you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to guide you and protect your rights. Quick and proper action may help prevent an arrest or stop an investigation.

Brian assures you, he understands the stress and anxiety you are feeling. Please call him as soon as possible to discuss your options. After meeting with him, you will fully understand the criminal justice system and hopefully he will be able to relieve some stress and anxiety and give you some peace of mind.

Brian has a desire to give his clients quality representation with one-on-one personal contact. When you are accused, charged, or under investigation for a criminal offense, you will want to speak with your attorney, not an associate or assistant. Brian will handle your case personally. He also has staff that are incredibly willing to assist and help his clients any way they can.