Family Law

When a couple going through a divorce or separation has children, they are often — rightly — the most important concern. Parents want to secure their children’s well-being, but at the same time ensure that important parental rights are protected.

Brian believes it is possible to be aggressive in court or at the negotiating table while understanding the need to preserve working relationships between parents whenever possible. At the end of the day, however, his clients’ and their children’s well-being are his primary concern, and he works hard to uphold their rights. Brian will take the time to listen to your concerns and work diligently to champion your rights and the rights of your children in family court.

Today’s busy families often have complex child custody considerations. He is experienced in developing creative custody schedules for families whose parents are first responders, utility workers or are in other lines of work with nontraditional schedules.

Brian knows how critical this transition is and he promises to walk you through each step of the process while doing everything possible to protect what’s most important to you. Divorce is never an easy process to endure. With the proper legal representation, however, you can navigate the complex issues with less confusion and greater confidence as you begin the next chapter of your life. Don’t wait – contact The Law Offices of Brian Glover now at 804.526.2101.